Spending time with an organization to develop plans for successful growth is a task we take very seriously. Leveraging over 30 years of business expertise from a variety of industries to include nonprofit organizations, retail, service and technology; entrepreneurial startups to global giants, we can assist where you need us most. From the frontline team members to executive leadership, we believe the defining moments in a business lifecycle will set you apart from the rest.

Common areas of Consulting Engagement:

Companies must continually evolve to stay relevant to their customers. Working with the West Group, you will find the experience and insight needed to evaluate where you are today, smart decisions for your future and how to reach your goals.

Questions about business development that we can help you answer:

  • Should we acquire or merge with another business?
  • Should we divest a piece of the company or some of our products/services?
  • Should we add new products or services?
  • How do we roll out a new product or service?
  • What are the benefits/challenges of moving into a new geographic region or country?
  • Should we bring in outside capital? If so, how?
  • What new strategic partnerships (recruitment, networking) should we consider?
  • How do we incorporate these partners into our company successfully?
  • Do you have the best distribution model to gain market share and increase revenue?
  • Do you have the best mix of in-house staff vs outside reps/dealers?
  • Does your marketing message communicate the differentiation of your products and services?

Questions about leadership development that we can help you answer:

  • Do we have the right leaders in place to drive our strategy forward?
  • Do we have a leadership strategy that assists our leaders to perform their role?
  • Do we have leaders at various experience and skill levels with an individual leadership development plan?
  • Should we reevaluate the resource responsibility of our leaders to allow for optimum performance?

For successful growth, your company needs clear vision and values that are communicated throughout your organization from the newest team member to your legacy customers. When you identify and clearly communicate what gives your business meaning, and the passion behind your successes and goals, your team will have a renewed sense of being part of the bigger picture and a solid foundation to grow.

Through coaching and consulting, you can expect:

  • Assessing where you are today; do your vision and values align with current goals and initiatives?
  • Discovering the passion of your business
  • Defining your company vision
  • Developing a strategy to communicate your vision and values across your teams; aligning the culture accordingly
  • Building your vision and values into your interactions with customers, business partners and vendors
  • Establish a process as to how all team members are introduced to the shared vision and values of the company

By identifying and communicating your goals and purpose, you will ensure that all team members have the information they need to make strategic decisions, interact with customers and grow your company.

Through coaching and consulting, you can expect to:

  • Define what success looks like for your business
  • Understand how to have the right people, products and services, capital and processes in place to be successful with your strategy
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors and leverage those areas for growth
  • Identify what is important to your customers
  • Determine the feasibility of entering a new market, launching a new product or creating a new business offering. Create short- and long-term objectives and ways to measure them
  • Develop tools to identify risks and obstacles for your business
  • Communicate your strategy to everyone in your company

A proven strategy to gain the trust of customers and their repeat business is to deliver a service over and above what they expected. We sometimes refer to it as a WOW experience…think of it as customer service times 100. Developing a customer experience strategy will give you the tools your team can leverage to stand out from all the rest.

Through coaching and consulting, you can expect to:

  • Evaluate customer feedback
  • Evaluate the team members who interact with your customers
  • Make customers experience top-of-mind when leadership makes decisions
  • Guide teams on every interaction with key constituents
  • Leverage customer referrals and references to aid in business growth
  • Build a process for customer feedback and follow-up
  • Work with members of your team to create your customer experience strategy
  • Review systems and processes that focus on your customer experience strategy
  • Create a process for rewarding behavior that adds value to the customer experience

We are confident that change within an organization doesn’t have to lead to fear. Instead, it can be seen as a powerful force that can be embraced and even welcomed -- if the right tools and systems are in place. Building a strategy that allows for uncertainty gives your team permission to embrace opportunity, plan for adjustments and even look forward to discussions and directives based on a new normal.

Through coaching and consulting, we will help you:

  • Determine your organization’s ability to embrace change
  • Build systems that address changes in your organization
  • Work with your leadership group to assist in change management within their team and across the organization
  • Review your organization’s resources -- are they what you need to thrive in change?
    • Processes and technology
    • Strategy
    • Regulations
    • Organizational structure