West Group Ltd moves you forward.

If you are a business looking to develop a strategic growth plan, an entrepreneur working to launch a dream, or you know that personally, you are not ready to settle, rather you are looking for guidance to move you forward into the driver seat of your life; the West Group is here for you.

Our team, led by Julie West will offer both individuals and businesses alike the confidence to take the steps needed to discover, plan and execute on your next steps. We are your catalyst for moving you forward through consulting, coaching, strategic planning and keynote messaging and presentations.

Words for the West Group Ltd.

Jim Wenninger Founder and CEO of WennSoft Inc

I have worked with Julie for over 20 years and appreciate her strength to help the organization grow and prosper under her leadership. She is a creative problem solver and an excellent team builder. She helps people grow and learn; improving our strategy, communicating with our teams while having a passion for the customer, their experience in working with us and their success.

Jason Moos Vistiv

Julie's insights on business development and go-to-market strategy are keen, timely, and relevant. Her focus on the needs of future customers and how they will understand the vision and strategy of your company are vital. The insights gained in sessions with Julie were critical components for our business as we refined our approach to the market. If you are seeking practical and candid advice on your business strategy and vision, I highly recommend Julie.